Empower your child to EXCEL and THRIVE in ANY skill or subject

Beginners Growth Mindset Development Program
for Kids Ages 8 to 10
Knowledge is power. And the knowledge about the concept of a Growth Mindset a superpower – that can have a profound effect not only on your child’s performances, but also on their lives.

Concepts Your Child Will Learn

Through a thrilling transformational story
How the brain functions when they learn

Which will help them believe they have control over their brain, and their life.

The 3 foundational learning components

Which will help them believe they can boost their brain power.

Neuroplasticity and the 3P’s process to cultivate their intelligence

Which when practiced can help them learn (and excel) in any skill or subject.

The concept and power of a Growth Mindset

Which when applied will see them embrace new and harder challenges, put in the effort to practice, and persevere smartly.

Behaviour Traits (Skills) Your Child Will Develop

When they start applying the concepts…with your support

Embrace Challenges

Not be afraid to try newer and harder tasks or activities.

Persevere Smartly

Apply different strategies to overcome obstacles instead of persisting blindly.

Put In Effort (Practice)

Recognize practice as a path to learning and excellence.

Develop Resilience

Bounce back from setbacks by learning from failures.

Self-belief (Growth Mindset)

A belief that any skill or subject can be learnt with practice, perseverance and the right process.

Why Should I Care About Developing A Growth Mindset For My Child?

Your child’s mindset (beliefs), thought process and approach to learning is the primary key to learning anything or achieving any result.

In our mind your question won’t be ‘why should I care about Growth Mindset’ but rather it’ll be ‘why hasn’t this been taught earlier’ and ‘why isn’t this a mandatory course for everyone’ let alone every child?

After all…

then why not learn how the brain works and how to take advantage of the supercomputer inside our head to be able to become good awesome in any skill or subject instead of playing blind?
Lifelong learning is now a necessity!
Lifelong learning is now a necessity! And in this age of continuous learning, where technology is changing every two years or less, embracing a growth mindset is no longer a choice, it’s a must-have trait to be able to be a life-long learner who can learn and excel in any skill or subject.

Side Effects (Indirect Benefits)...

Established through behavioral science research studies.

  1. It is linked to higher test scores and student well-being. [Global Study by Pisa]
  2. It predicts higher academic achievement than Fixed Mindset [Research Paper: Grant & Dweck, 2003]
  3. Growth Mindset is significantly and positively corelated with academic performance.
    [Research Paper: Wang et al, 2020]; [Research Study: Dweck, 2000]; [Research Paper:
    Rattan et al, 2012]
    ; [Research Paper: Dweck & Yeager, 2019]
  4. An upward trajectory in mathematics grades [Carol Dweck: Case Study]
  1. The link between growth mindset and academic performance may be explained by students’ behaviors such as better learning strategies and learning habits (Research Paper: Lewis et al., 2020).
  2. A Growth Mindset can encourage people to seek out navigation challenges and train themselves to be better navigators in daily life [Research Paper: He and Hegarty, 2020].
  3. Children with a Growth Mindset also demonstrated better self-efficacy (capability of completing a task on their own successfully). [Research Paper: Bandura, 2012].
  4. They are more likely to put in effort for a longer period. [Research Paper: Weiner, 2004]
  1. Individuals with a Growth Mindset find it easier to bounce back from failures than individuals with a Fixed Mindset. [Research Paper: Schroder et al., 2017].
  2. Growth Mindset may make individuals more resilient and persistent in the face of challenges or difficulties, as they are more likely to adopt effort-oriented strategies in their efforts to achieve their goals [Research paper: Zhao et al, 2021]
  3. On average across OECD countries of the PISA-participating education systems, holding a Growth Mindset was positively associated with persistence and perseverance to master tasks.
  1. Children with a Growth Mindset may suffer fewer stress and self-reported symptoms of psychological disease. [Research Paper: Walker & Jiang, 2022]
  2. On the other hand, Fixed Mindset (entity theories of personality) have been shown to predict greater self-reported stress and anxiety following ostracism [Research Paper: Yeager et al., 2014]
  1. The research shows that those with a Growth Mindset are more likely to be successful at losing weight [Research paper: Orvidas et al., 2018]
  2. Also individuals who possess a Growth Mindset are more likely to take control of their own health. [Research paper: Doron et al., 2009]
  1.  When students hold a Fixed Mindset, school can be a threatening place because they may be worried about proving their ability or avoiding “looking dumb.” This can lead students to avoid challenges and give up when they struggle. But when students hold a Growth Mindset, they may experience school as an exciting place to grow, embracing challenges as opportunities to develop mastery. [Research Paper: Yeager, D. S., & Dweck, C. S. 2012]

Set Your Child Up To Thrive In A Constantly Changing World

A smart investment to help your child right throughout life

It’s an investment that will serve your child across any subject or any skill in school and beyond, right throughout life, when applied and practiced.

  1. Ten live 45-minute sessions with a Growth Mindset Certified Teacher
  2. A 195-page early reader’s story book
  3. 15 assignments and quizzes 
  4. 6 reflection exercises 
  5. 3 sets of reinforcement tools to help apply  the learnings post the course 
  6. A parent guidebook to help the parent  mentor the kid post the course
  1. How the brain functions when they learn.
  2.  The 3 foundational learning components. 
  3. Neuroplasticity and the 3P’s process to  cultivate their intelligence. 
  4. The concept and power of a Growth  Mindset. 
  1. Push themselves to embrace challenges.
  2.  Put in effort (Practice)
  3. Persevere smartly. 
  4. Develop resilience. 
  5. Develop self-belief (Growth Mindset)
  1. Developing powerful learning strategies and  habits 
  2. Improved relationships 
  3. Reduced stress and improved school  experience 
  4. Improved health 




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